Patient Stories


New Years Day of 2012, I put my left foot on the floor to get out of bed and almost fell to the floor. I could not feel my left foot due to numbness! I started with a series of doctor visits beginning with my PCP. He ordered tests including blood analysis, brain CAT scan, MRI on my back, and an EMG on my lower extremities. The outcome was a suspected vitamin B-12 deficiency and I was placed on a regimen of vitamin B-12 shots. Over the next eight months, the condition continued to worsen and I was referred to a pain doctor even though I told everyone I had no pain. The tremendous numbness in the left leg below the knee kept me from feeling where my foot was! Slowly, I was losing my ability to walk and take care of myself! At the pain doctor visit he asked, "Why did you come here if you have no pain?" appropriately, he referred me to a neurologist. Fortunately, the first doctor was booked up, so we tried the second neurologist, and began the big turnaround! In August of 2012, on the first appointment with Dr. Allen Chu, MD,Ph.D. And after a preliminary exam, he suggested the condition could be "CIDP", chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy! This was confirmed when he ran another set of EMG tests! Since August 2012, I have received IVIG infusions of Gamunex C according to Dr. Chu's prescription. It has literally turned my life around and restored my physical capabilities. Did I mention that I was practically wheelchair bound by the Fall of 2012? And, that I am 6' 7" tall & weigh 275 lbs? I am now 77 years young. This year I met my wife in Guatemala (where she goes on an annual medical mission trip), and my 50 year old son to fulfill one of my bucket list dreams of catching a sailfish! Not only did we catch one, but my son & I caught & released seventy-eight sails in three days of fishing.

Thank you, Dr. Chu!

—Richard Nelson


"I am a 92-year old retired physician who has need for neurological care and have been blessed for the past several years to have been attended by Dr Allen Chu.

From the first of a number of visits I have been cordially greeted by his staff. Dr Chu, himself, is most cordial, always cheerful, and diligent in listening to my issues.

He is thorough in his examinations, spends adequate time in the visits, and explains his findings in a knowledgeable and respectful manner.

His treatment is top-notch along with his training and experience. I am very pleased to have the opportunity to recommend him as an excellent Neurologist."

—Dr. Albin Steiner


"Dr. Chu and staff are nothing short of outstanding! Dr. Chu is the most compassionate, intelligent, skilled, and informed doctor I've had the pleasure of knowing. Dr. Chu has successfully treated me for a seizure disorder since 2001. In June of 2011, I became extremely ill and was hospitalized. Five doctors could not diagnosis my condition. My wife called Dr. Chu's office and his caring and talented staff immediately made an appointment for the next day. Knowing me, Dr. Chu 'thought outside of the box' and ordered blood work and then a liver biopsy which revealed Hep. C and cirrhosis of the liver. I have since been successfully treated and am in full recovery. Dr. Chu saved my life! I most highly recommend Dr. Chu and staff."

—Richard Crawford


"It's a pleasure to go to Chu's office with the staff always pleasant, and happy. One thing that really stands out is no waiting time to really speak of, I think they time their patients well, so not to have a long wait... which makes us happy to come in for appointments. Of course Dr. Chu is pleasant and to the point. Darlene and Phillip were very attentive and the front desk staff very nice. Thank You for that."

—The DeWitts